Home Plants and Fungi Ash Tree Bolete – Gyrodon merulioides

Ash Tree Bolete – Gyrodon merulioides

 Gyrodon merulioides

It must be fungus week in my yard. The last post I made was also fungus-related and I have an as of yet unidentified one on deck for a future post.  I was trolling around the yard with the dog (as usual) and barely noticed a patch of these ash tree boletes on the ground. They sit pretty low so it’s easy to miss them if there are leaves or longer grass around. It’s very fitting that I found them where I did since it’s the same area where we had a tree fall over recently… I’m assuming it was an ash tree now.

Upon picking one, the first thing I noticed was the striking yellow underside which looks very different than the typical mushroom I’m used to seeing. This is because boletes have pores instead of gills on the underside.

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